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Added value for your event

Saving time, easing organizational processes and reducing costs, while increasing participants’ satisfaction and interacting with them more effectively. These are just some of the benefits of introducing digital technologies as a support for your event. Already 76% of organizers use digital technologies to manage their events, and 81% of participants expect it to be part of the event experience. We support you in finding the most suitable technology solution to enhance your live experience, never overshadowing it.


Event Admission Solution

Mobile solution for managing guest admissions, fully customizable to the organizer’s Brand Image, works both online and offline. Loading guest lists, arranging seating and sending invitations is done through a control panel, while a dashboard tracks all the activities and accesses registered during the event. The guest receives the invitation on his smartphone with the identifying QR code that will be scanned at the event entry.

Audience Interaction Systems

Interacting with the audience that wants to participate during an event may be difficult, especially when it comes to arranging their requests and viewing question content before it is publicly asked. We offer you a platform that allows participants to ask questions to speakers in real time using their mobile, ensuring confidentiality of the data. All received messages are collected and selected before being displayed behind the speaker.

In & Post Event Poll Management System

Polls are an excellent tool for getting feedback in a very short time, because they let you know your audience’s opinion. When you discover what they think, you can tell them that their opinion matters and then act accordingly. We help you in developing tailor-made solutions that distribute polls to all the participants of your event, while managing collection and profiling of results. Make your audience feel their opinion is your priority, while spreading your corporate image, thanks to our customized solutions.

Event Dedicated Mobile App

We help you in developing an application that is completely dedicated to your event, with all the useful information such as program details and event materials, speaker profiles and sponsor information. Using an indoor positioning system, we can integrate a geolocated notification system into the application, which is really helpful in giving your guests real time directions or geo-referenced suggestions. The application can also include networking tools to give that added value that will make your event unforgettable.


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