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Vidiemme develops MyDaysApp

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MyDaysApp is a Vidiemme project in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Gedeon Richter, aimed at three different protagonists: designed as a support for women who are trying to become pregnant and are following fertility therapy, it is also intended to provide assistance for their caregivers and GPs.

How does it work

The tool consists of an application and a web portal.

The app is aimed at women in therapy and combines the functions of a Chatbot with those of a calendar, where the course of treatment can be logged daily, as well as logging menstrual cycle, mood through emoticon symbols, scheduled appointments and future tests.

The innovation lies in the adoption of a Chatbot solution that can respond to the patient’s doubts about the therapy, providing accurate and reliable answers, as it is managed by a team of experts, and integrating explanations with information, images and external links.

It has been shown that the chance to ask questions, considered banal or embarrassing, to Chatbot, allows women to express themselves more freely, resolving doubts that could affect the successful outcome of the therapy.

In support of doctors and caregivers there are also tutorials, to stay up to date on the latest news about the treatment and obtain support in case of perplexities about its administration, and a community to allow the exchange of ideas and opinions about the therapy and offer support.

The web portal, on the other hand, allows the clinician to monitor the course of treatment, making sure that the therapy is adhered to.

The advantages

MyDaysApp combines functionalities found in many fertility applications, with a Chatbot, creating a hybrid system capable of supporting the carer in all the different aspects of the therapy.

At the same time, it allows all the patient’s questions to be addressed, understanding in this way what the critical points of the therapy are and giving the team of experts the opportunity to develop appropriate answers.

Furthermore, creating a direct relationship with the doctor and the community stops women from feeling lonely.

MyDaysApp is a tool designed by TechieHealth, the Vidiemme Business Unit dedicated to the world of Pharma and Healthcare, to overcome some limiting factors that arise during therapy: lack of patient support, little dialogue with the clinician and not respecting the correct timing in administering drugs.