/, Vidiemme/Vidiemme participates in #afiancodelcoraggio with Roche, for the third time.

Vidiemme participates in #afiancodelcoraggio with Roche, for the third time.

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Yesterday evening, in the Sala Regia of Palazzo Venezia in Rome, the second edition of the literary competition #afiancodelcoraggio drew to a close. In the presence of the President of the Jury Gianni Letta, and the President of Roche Italia, Maurizio de Cicco, the winner was presented.

Vidiemme participated in the second edition of this interesting initiative as a Partner, supporting the Roche project, with which the company has been collaborating for many years.

After the first edition, launched in 2016, which placed female cancer patients at the heart of the project, the second edition focused on multiple sclerosis sufferers.

The event was thus the occasion to screen part of the short film based on the winning story by Marco Lupia. The film will now be distributed in cinemas and on TV thanks to the support of UCI Cinema.

The culmination of the event was once again the signing of the Protocol of Agreement between Roche and all the partners who collaborated to make this competition possible.

The third edition will have haemophilia as its theme. For years, Roche has been involved in the treatment of rare diseases which, although they afflict a limited number of people, have a significant effect and impact on the lives of all sufferers and the people who interact with them.

The purpose is therefore that of raising society’s awareness even more regarding this disease and all the problems connected with it, to enable children with this pathology and their families to live a more serene and less dangerous life in the future.

As in the previous two editions, a short film will be made from the winning story and will then be shown in Italian cinemas.

Vidiemme is therefore proud to have once again contributed to this literary competition with the creation of the website, and to be once again side by side with Roche, providing support to people in need.

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