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Vidiemme produces the Chatbot for ETicaNews

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Vidiemme collaborated as Technological Partner in the third edition of the SRI Exhibition, aimed at Retail consultants and investors, in collaboration with the scientific partnership of the SDA Bocconi School of Management Sustainability Lab.

The aim of this initiative, unique in Italy, is to showcase responsible finance products. It will be held on 8 November at the University.

The protagonist of the SRI Exhibition will be Artificial Intelligence, thanks to the contribution from Vidiemme, which has conceived and developed a Conversational Interface, in collaboration with ETicaNews.

The Chatbot, implemented within the event’s dedicated website, enables the user to learn more about the responsible finance sector, through text interaction.

To guarantee a truly rewarding experience, a team of experts can intervene in support of the Chatbot if users ask questions for which it has not been programmed and therefore are not within its competence, to ensure that engagement and customer care are positive.

A real responsible finance virtual assistant that allows the user to deepen their knowledge on some aspects and curiosities about SRI finance, such as income-related aspects, unmasking some of the fake news that has been disseminated on this issue, or the related risks, costs and opportunities. But not only: through the Chatbot, users will be able to receive more information on the Speeches that will be held during the event.

To try Chatbot interaction, simply connect to the SRI Exhibition website, and click on the Virtual Assistant icon at the bottom right.

For over two years, Vidiemme has been investing in written, vocal and hybrid Conversational Interfaces, and the development of this Chatbot demonstrates yet again how, thanks to technology, it is possible to guarantee a positive user experience even before an event takes place, and at the same time get to know users better, to understand what their questions and doubts are in order to offer them a better experience in the future.


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