//Google Action and Amazon Skill for Tax Assistance

Google Action and Amazon Skill for Tax Assistance

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CAAF CGIL Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta launches Action on Google and Amazon Skill in the world of Tax Assistance. It is the first CAF in Italy to have launched the voice services of Google and Amazon to provide users with information and contact details through virtual assistants created by Esosphera, in collaboration with the proven experience of its Business Partner Vidiemme.

How does voice interaction work?

CAAF CGIL Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta, with these new voice services, makes the relationship with users who need tax assistance easier and more intuitive: now they can ask for information on locations and opening times, contacts, services offered and costs through Google Home devices, Amazon Echo and the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa apps for mobile devices. The possibility of also booking and managing these services directly through Google and Amazon virtual assistants will be implemented soon.

To interact with the Google Action, say “Ok Google, speak to CAAF CGIL“, and with Alexa Skill say “Alexa, open CAAF CGIL“.

Thanks to the partnership between Esosphera and Vidiemme, CAAF CGIL Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta boasts a new avantgarde personal service.

Esosphera’s role

“Vocal search is now adopted in almost all sectors but was totally absent in the world of CAF. Technology today is able to meet the needs of companies and consumers, ensuring an exponential growth in the user experience in solving problems. We at Esosphera have built our foundations on automatic booking services and Voicebot vocal interaction,” said Marzio Tocchetto, Esosphera Founder and Operations Manager. He continues: “In the case of CAAF CGIL Piedmont it was a hybrid project between chatbot and voicebot. To provide the best possible solution we used our partner Vidiemme’s consolidated experience in the field. This project and its results demonstrate that Esosphera is increasingly becoming a reference point in the Italian market in providing first-rate automatic CRM solutions.”

Vidiemme’s role

“The project that we developed in collaboration with Esosphera is the demonstration of how technological innovation is never an end in itself for Vidiemme but can bring real added value to the solution’s end user. For this reason, Vidiemme, which in Italy is among the Early Developers of text and voice Virtual Assistants, creates solutions aimed both at improving the company’s internal processes and helping end consumers in supporting daily activities”, says Serena Spalla, Vidiemme’s AI Business Director. She concludes: “For companies and institutions it is essential to understand the importance of these new touch points, able to offer continuous assistance to their users”.

A solution that opens the door to the Voice experience in Tax Assistance.