The start of the new Serie A championship brings with it a novelty for Fantacalcio fans. Vidiemme has in fact created the brand’s official Google Action, which can be used by Smartphone via Google Assistant and on Google Smart Speakers.

Just say to the Virtual Assistant “Ok Google, talk to Fantacalcio” to get access to a range of statistics and news. A fast and natural voice interaction that allows users to have all the information they need to create the perfect formation.

Vidiemme, in collaboration with Google and Fantacalcio, was responsible for the realization of the entire project, from the initial studies to the creation of the design and architecture of the dialogue, through to the technical implementation of the solution itself.

Action on Google Fantacalcio Vidiemme

Fantacalcio’s Google Action, developed by Vidiemme, works on all devices which have Google’s Virtual Assistant.


The functions of the Action: Ok Google, talk to Fantacalcio …

Entertain users with fun phrases and anecdotes, allowing them to stay up to date on the latest newsstatistics and formations, and more. Fantacalcio fans can interact with the Action to gain access to both the rules and lots more information:

  • “… suggest a cross for me” or “How often will Cragno and Sirigu play at home at the same time?”: A useful feature especially during auctions, in the transfer market period, for the choice of goalkeepers to add to a squad. Thanks to Fantacalcio’s Google Action, it is in fact possible to interactively consult the goalkeepers’ grid, to know how many times the two extreme defenders will play simultaneously at home and therefore how to acquire the most suitable players;
  • “…  Ronaldo’s statistics”: the vocal interaction enables quick access to player statistics, facilitating the choice of team formation;
  • “… what’s Milan’s most likely formation” or “… what’s the probability that Ilicic will play?”: the Action quickly evidences the probabilities of deployment of a team’s players, also in this case facilitating decisions regarding one’s own formation;
  • “… news about Milan”: just as for individual players, you can have access to the latest news about a team. The Action in fact, provides a news summary, and the interested user can then continue, through a card, to read more on the website or on the Fantacalcio App;
  • “… how long till the formation has to be declared?”: to know how much time remains before the scheduled date for formations to be finalised.
  • … ask Fantacalcio to play with Maghetto“: this functionality provides, thanks to Google AI potentiality, a funny interaction with the user. The vocal Assistant will try to guess with few questions which is the football player the user is thinking about.
Action on Google Fantacalcio Vidiemme

It is possible to interact with Fantacalcio’s Google Action also on a Smartphone.

How is the Fantacalcio Action activated?

You can use Google’s virtual assistant, which allows you to access the Action, on any smartphone which has the Virtual Assistant, and on all the company’s Smart Speakers (Google HomeGoogle Home Mini and Nest Hub).

The Action is activated by simply saying “Ok Google, talk to Fantacalcio. The user can then ask for all the information and news necessary to create the perfect formation.

The project was designed both for users who have been playing Fantacalcio for some time, and for those who are entering for the first time and want information on how it works and how to register for the League.

For the future, the release of additional features is already planned, with the aim of increasing user interaction and enjoyment.

Fantacalcio’s Action on Google is another project that enriches Vidiemme’s Voice strategy. The company is focusing intensely on this to provide an additional channel and a new voice for Brands, thus making essential services more accessible, as in the case of Takeda LeggoxTe.