Like any company that uses remote working, Vidiemme has benefitted more and more over the past year from its numerous advantages. This includes a better work-life balance and greater flexibility.

Throughout the process, the Milan-based company hasn’t stopped investing in people, consistently focusing on one of its most important assets: the synergy and collaboration between its employees.

Indeed, Vidiemme trusts in the unique contribution and valuable training of its professionals — both as individuals and as a team. Therefore, it builds personalized paths for growing and expanding their skills. This offers those with a passion for innovation the possibility of staying up to date on cutting-edge technologies plus major tech and business trends, keeping the company in a vital horizon of viridity and dynamism.

Besides individual growth plans and on-the-job training, a new form of corporate education has been launched: guilds. This initiative, inspired by Spotify, involves the creation and autonomous management of cross-functional work groups. Such a model unites people from different teams to practice and gain more skills on a specific topic, reaching common goals together.

Why is it important to never stop learning?

Training those who effectively focus on customer satisfaction is key.

Gathered in guilds, employees explore and practice the most innovative and forward thinking topics. This way, participants are one step ahead, staying up to date on industry news in order to offer Brands the best digital solutions available on the market.

Combined with teamwork, good training holds the key to guaranteeing efficient, quality work for customers, and makes it possible to respond their most demanding requests. The formative novelty of the guild maintains the core values of Vidiemme.
It has two very specific purposes. On the one hand, the company aims to stoke moments of sharing. These are viewed as precious opportunities for comparison and growth between professionals with different specializations. On the other hand, Vidiemme has fostered this initiative as a further push to strengthen a sense of belonging.

Beyond training and education: sharing know-how

Our CEO, Luca Valsecchi already shared this view in his January interview: the enrichment of home working through digital sharing occasions is among our 2021 objectives. Hence, the launch of internal Share&Learn activities will expand and consolidate corporate know-how and skills while aiming at a continuous process of cohesion and dialogue.

For Vidiemme, being able to learn and grow based on employee input and collaboration is vital. Thus, strengthening the HR department with a focus on People Recruitment and Management is fundamental. In fact, among the top year’s various objectives, the company aims at enriching its team of professionals even more.