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Vidiemme on the rise: here, passion is the winning weapon

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“We aim to be the best place to work for those with a passion for innovation” says Luca Valsecchi, CEO and Founder of Vidiemme in an interview.  Based in Milan, Vidiemme has been active in technological innovation since 2004. From smartphones to AI, timeless solutions have come onto the market over the past 15 years, while others have disappeared in a snap. In this ever-changing world, building a safe and state-of-the-art heaven is essential for hosting the most experienced professionals.

“It was a fundamental objective for the small Vidiemme of the early years and one of the key values that supports today’s corporate mission. We employ almost a hundred people, and are part of BIP Group, one of the most important consulting multinationals.”

Vidiemme has always invested in growth, people, and the right training path for each employee.

“Vidiemme is a place where innovation enthusiasts meet to boost their skills and competences, and dedicate themselves to the needs of customer,” continues Luca. “We have always focused a lot on trust and human relationships, which provide for that special click between colleagues from different departments meeting at the vending machine.”

Vidiemme’s 2020

As Luca told his employees, 2020 was a exhausting year for everyone. If, on the one hand, the company faced COVID-19, on the other, it had to keep up its transformation process after closing with BIP. This led to making a considerable change of scale and pace. These two challenges intertwined on several occasions.

Vidiemme has been able to overcome them brilliantly while keeping its identity intact and achieving the company’s 2020 objectives with great satisfaction.

2021 and beyond

Given the brilliant results obtained, certainly the consolidation and establishment of working from home will be the first step forward in 2021. This implies two of our rooted values toward people, i.e., trust and empowerment.

On the one hand, Vidiemme shall not renounce the spontaneous sharing of ideas through brainstorming, which had also come up during coffee breaks. On the other hand, this moment of great change represents a golden opportunity for providing the employees with the necessary tools to work efficiently. “Further, we’re about to start various training initiatives,” reveals Luca. “Many of them are inspired by the most up-to-date and well-known techniques.”


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