This year Vidiemme celebrates its 18th birthday and, as in every important life achievement, we took the opportunity to retrace the stages of the path made in these years, to look back with pride at the achieved goals and to pursue the journey towards new horizons.

Our mission? Improving life through innovation.

In the Vidiemme Manifesto we want to tell who we are and what makes us unique, what makes us the right place to work and grow, and why are we so good at what we do, every single day.

An ambition in common

We are a young company composed by more than 100 people who guarantee to customers exclusive digital experiences by placing ourselves as reliable technology partners able to make the difference.

We are always looking for the most modern and innovative technologies to find and implement the right and most appropriate solution for every need with the aim of ensuring the satisfaction of the brands we work with.

We are the right place for all of those who wants to grow by welcoming new challenges, and we are committed to create for each employee the most appropriate path for their growth.

Our values and our identity

We all share the same values because we think this is the only effective way to keep alive our promise of innovation.

We can proudly affirm that what distinguish us is the passion for our work, the reason of what we do. What characterize us the most is the desire to embrace new challenges bravely and professionally, always surprised by different incentives.

We believe in trust between colleagues and in cooperation with clients, powered by a daily, transparent, and effective dialogue.

The team spirit is the fundamental value guiding our steps every day because we believe that working together, by helping each other, is the real key to success.

We promote uniqueness, equality, and diversity as core values to put in place actions, words and attitudes which have as purpose the growth and the self-affirmation, both on a professional and individual level, of each of us.

We are Vidiemme

This is who we are and what stands at the basis of Vidiemme, the company for which we work every day and that each of us represents: a certainty for all of those who already are part of the team and a promise for who will collaborate with us.

Innovate, with us.