The well-known pharmaceutical company uses a tablet app and a dashboard to precisely target trade marketing strategies at products sold in free-service areas

In recent years, the pharmaceutical channel has changed exponentially. It has increased the number of free-service areas where it is possible to buy not only OTC drugs but also nutritional supplements, cosmetics and homeopathic products.

As a result, anyone who goes to the pharmacy is no longer just a “patient” but also a real customer, a consumer who can move around the pharmacy, compare the products on offer and buy them independently. This progressive “retailization” of the pharmacy requires the channel to review the logic of product exposure, and focus on more sophisticated and effective marketing strategies.


Homepage of the Tablet App and the HQ portal


The pharmaceutical company Zambon decided a few years ago to set up a department dedicated to marketing at the point of sale, appointing Silvia Casagrande as Trade Marketing Manager.

In 2017, the Pharmacy Trainer network was created. This is a task force of professionals who train members of staff in pharmacies, to help them understand how to improve the visibility of over-the-counter products.

In recent months, the company has implemented StoreAPP, a customisation for Zambon of the Sababa platform of Vidiemme Consulting. “This solution consists of an app for tablets and a web control panel, which allow us to monitor the point of sale in a precise and objective manner,” explained Silvia Casagrande in this video interview.



StoreApp is aimed at the sales force, and therefore at agents and Pharmacy Trainers. The former use it to check category range and management, while the latter can take pictures of the product layout and report any deficits, noting prices and promotions and also documenting competitors’ business.

These data are sent in real time to the centralised dashboard, where they are reprocessed to provide more precise and targeted pointers for trade marketing strategies, directing the various initiatives in a fast and effective way.


StoreApp Zambon Sababa

On the Tablet is possible to view a survey, while on desktop there’s a dashboard of the aggregated results


Users particularly appreciate the ease of use of StoreApp, and the possibility of having a complete overview of the store literally “in the palm of your hand”.

These StoreAPP dashboards have assumed an important role not only on the company premises but also in outside meetings between area managers, agents and pharmacy trainers.

Finally we have an interesting and useful app, from among the myriad of similar apps that we get offered”, concluded the very satisfied manager in the video.

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