KeBot is an application designed and developed by TechieHealth, Vidiemme Consulting’s Pharma & Healthcare Digital Unit, in collaboration with Roche Pharma, for training and self-assessment for pharmaceutical representatives. It exploits Chatbot technology, guided by conversational logic.

How KeBot works

It consists of two different phases: one dedicated to training prior to visiting the client and a subsequent self-assessment. Interaction with the Chatbot takes place in the second phase.

The interface and Chatbot mode of operation resembles that of any normal chat.

This allows the app to have an interface that is easy and intuitive in use, fundamental elements to increase engagement and make the representative use it regularly.   

Another strong point is the ability to fill in the questionnaire even when on the move, using a smartphone, and to respond with messages both written and voice commands.

The advantages of the application

Self-assessments enable us to understand any critical issues in the Field Force and the margins for improvement, fundamental for intervention and understanding how to improve performance.

Thanks to KeBot a direct dialogue can be established, a continuous and personal relationship between sales force and headquarters, fundamental for those who work in the field and cannot very often be physically present in the company.



KeBot application screens


All the collected results are saved in real time on the company CRM system, and the correlation of the results obtained allows training and educational materials to be supplied, profiled to the needs of each individual representative.

Each user’s personal access guarantees that training is personalized as much as possible, thus facilitating faster personal growth.

KeBot is therefore an application designed for Field Force, to provide tools for improvement and self-assessment, essential for a better approach with customers during the visit but also the preparation that precedes it, enabling better results that create benefits for the whole company.