In recent years, the concept of Customer Care is taking on new connotations: consumers are increasingly demanding towards brands, requiring a service that is up to their expectations. Customers want to be able to talk with the company in real time, in a simple way, without unnecessary waiting times and they want to see their requests met with kindness and patience.

Consumers, who have the power to negatively review a Brand and have the tools to make their voices heard, brought about that change of paradigm that was the fundamental requirement for the ascent of the Chatbots.

Chatbots are in fact the simplest answer to meet these needs: they are active 24/7, they respond in a simple, exhaustive and polite way even to the most repetitive requests, and they are available on those messaging platforms that have become part of our daily lives.

But technology is not enough.

An in-depth knowledge of contact center dynamics and internal processes from customer service to the possibility of cross and upselling actions are fundamental for the development of a chatbot that doesn’t just represent the Brand but brings real added value to the company.

These are the considerations underlying the partnership between Vidiemme Consulting and the Vox-up startup company: skills in the digital and technological world blend with those of Contact Center management, to create a new way of guiding the client’s purchase, which integrates Chatbots into the platforms used for Customer Care.

Marzia La Ganga, Business Analyst & Chatbot Designer at Vidiemme Consulting

Marzia La Ganga, Business Analyst & Chatbot Designer at Vidiemme Consulting explains the importance of this partnership within the change of technological paradigm that is taking place: “Vox-Up, even if it is a startup, was created by people who have gained a deep knowledge of the call center sector and are therefore able to understand the processes, map and optimize them. At the same time Vidiemme Consulting is an enabler of 360° digital transformation and can help integrate technology into business systems, presiding over sensitive processes such as the management of a customer base”.

Understanding the dynamics that make up a business reality is essential to be able to propose a technological application that can make an effective contribution to the processes in which it is used, explains Walter Spadoni, the Co-Administrator of Vox-Up and former manager in multinational companies operating in the contact center sector:

«Chatbot is an innovative and complex technology that has yet to be refined and must be inserted in an extremely cautious and programmed manner within existing processes. In this sense, the knowledge of the technologies that govern the Contact Center is fundamental, as well as the processes that underpin it and, more generally, all the other company processes“.

This fusion of skills has led to a partnership with high added value for customers, who can rely on a consulting approach, which is fundamental for the introduction of this new technological solution.

Chatbots represent an economical solution that provides assistance every day and at all times to customers, representing not a cut in terms of personnel but an additional channel that improves the operators’ work, offering a positive experience of customer care and liberating workers from routine operations.

Walter Spadoni, Co-Director at Vox-Up

The Chatbot costs less, does repetitive actions without getting tired and above all offers the guarantee of constant quality, even at the hundredth repetitive response. For the physical operator this means seeing a low added value activity replaced with new quality activities, linked for example to business development, sales promotion or high-level customer care.”

Stressing how the human component can never be lacking in the relationship with the customer, Spadoni continues:

The Call Center is an extraordinary tool through which companies can convey their Brand and their offer, intercepting the customer through new ways of involving them. A positive Customer Experience is one of the main driving forces of word of mouth, which allows you to acquire new customers whilst limiting promotional investments.”

At the same time it is fundamental to build a Chatbot that is based on the needs of the company which intends to use it.

Explains La Ganga:

In reality, technology alone cannot do anything if we do not start with an analysis of the real, concrete needs of the organization and, above all, a review of the multi-channel support processes already underway in the company. On the other hand, if well exploited and above all properly integrated, it allows us to present highly customized offers based on the real time analysis of the customer’s historical data, his habits and preferences, to better supervise the purchasing process by exploiting a single technological channel.”

The partnership between Vidiemme and Vox-Up therefore rides the wave of a change that is already reality, trying to find the best solution for the needs of every business reality, which can truly constitute an added value to all its processes.


Sources: Internet4Things