//Chatbot for Customer Care and Technical Assistance

Chatbot for Customer Care and Technical Assistance

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When it comes to technical assistance and Customer Care in general, there are two main objectives for companies: offer a precise resolution to the problem and do it faster.

Thanks to Virtual Assistants it is now possible to offer support to customers and employees that is faster, cheaper and guarantees a positive experience.

In fact, consumers themselves seem to be ready to interface with Chatbots to receive support, so much so that, as emerged from a Nelsen study, 56% said they prefer to handle problems with customer service through chat rather than the phone.

Let’s look at the reasons for this new trend starting with an analysis of the benefits deriving from Chatbot adoption in Customer Care; the advantages for companies and consumers are indeed very significant.

No more waiting

One of the characteristics of today’s client is the need to receive answers quickly. Speed ​​therefore plays an important role in the final satisfaction rating given to the service received.

Waiting for several minutes creates such a level of frustration that there is a risk of losing the customer in the future. Moreover, the negative word of mouth alone that could be generated could damage the company, especially considering that nowadays anyone, before buying a product or a service, searches for information online, reading and comparing the experiences of other users.

Chatbots allow companies to respond instantly to customer support requests without having to make them wait. Furthermore, for frequent and easy-to-resolve problems, the consumer can easily find an answer and solution.

Sort the problems correctly

Being able to interact at an early stage with a Chatbot, allows the company to correctly distribute requests for more difficult resolution, which therefore require the intervention of a human operator.

Doing so not only speeds up the service process, as the customer doesn’t have to explain the problem again, but helps the operator to find a solution, having already classified the problem to be solved.

A successful assistance service must apply quick and correct problem routing.

Greater accuracy

By eliminating the possibility of human error in not correctly routing a request or the risks of misunderstanding on the part of the operator, Conversational Interfaces make it possible to resolve the issues raised by customers more precisely.

Putting together the requests received over time, in fact, it is possible to identify the most frequent customer problems, and to optimize processes more and more so that, over time, even for the most difficult problems it will be possible to interact exclusively with a Chatbot, without passing to a human operator.

Faster times and lower costs

All the three previous advantages translate into the possibility of offering a service that is even faster, thus meeting one of the major consumer needs.

The implementation of Chatbot also allows significant savings for the company, allowing staff to do their work in less time, eliminating the management of monotonous and repetitive responses and thus increasing the efficiency in handling high-level problems.

According to a recent study, thanks to Chatbots, a company could reduce Customer Service costs by up to 30%.

Implementing this kind of solution not only allows us to offer a better service to our customers but also to our employees. In fact, Conversational Interface Solutions can also be used to offer support services, such as the Help Desk, to workers, allowing them to quickly find solutions to common problems.

Chatbots can also be used to support the operators themselves: observing the conversation, whether written or oral, a Chatbot can offer ready answers to the operator, further reducing the time needed to help and giving precise answers.


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