During the last period, the majority of brands operating in the B2C and B2B sectors are moving towards the adoption and implementation of Digital Commerce solutions, making innovation a constant in their business and market processes. 

According to a survey conducted by Mercaux (Pulse of Retail Report), in 2023, 83% of retailers plan to invest in e-commerce channels in order to offer an omnichannel and seamless experience, increasingly optimizing the customer experience.  

Similarly, data from recent research continues to affirm this trend also from consumers: in fact, the number of users who use e-commerce websites and apps to make online purchases has steadily increased compared to the pre-pandemic period, reaching 38.1 million users in September 2022, compared to 35.5 million in 2020. 

Thanks to the collaboration with Bitbull, a company with many years of experience in the development of Digital Commerce technologies and now part of BIP Group, Vidiemme further enriches its offer, consolidating more and more its role as a Tech Advisor and Partner. 

An ecosystem of Digital Commerce expertise: the partnership and the BIP Group 

The constant collaboration between Vidiemme and Bitbull represents an important synergy between two entities: it has always been a value of excellence in the development of solutions in line with market needs, supporting Brands’ 360° digital growth 

The two companies have extensive expertise: Vidiemme has strong end-to-end development know-how, while Bitbull offers specific skills in Digital Commerce, as well as deep knowledge of its dynamics and major industry players. Together, they collaborate on two central themes for the development of advanced software solutions: headless and composable architectures 

Thanks to this synergy, the BIP Group offers its clients solutions that include consulting services for the development of Digital Commerce strategies and the implementation of advanced e-commerce platforms.  

“Vidiemme and Bitbull are currently involved in the development of several joint projects, including the creation of a mobile app for an Italian organized retail brand. The goal is to continue working together towards new opportunities” says Gianluca Pisati, Vidiemme’s CTO. 

Thanks to their respective technological know-how, the two entities can explore new projects and develop customized solutions for end clients.  

“In particular, Bitbull and Vidiemme are working to combine their existing certifications and jointly acquire new ones, including Adobe AEM, Adobe Commerce, and Shopify Plus,” explains Gennaro Vietri, CTO of Bitbull.  

These certifications will allow the two companies to offer increasingly innovative solutions, presenting themselves to the market as reliable partners capable of ensuring efficiency and flexibility. 

Creating value together for the future of Brands  

The BIP Group has brought together Vidiemme and Bitbull, bringing to the market a unified offer with a single objective: to guarantee a high level of expertise in Digital Commerce projects. 

Presenting themselves on the market as providers of advanced and complementary skills allows them to meet all the challenges posed by technological progress in the present and future of Brands, with a view to offering increasingly exclusive, personalized, and innovative services.