The automotive industry is one of the industries most affected by technological innovation. According to experts, by 2023 the number of Voice Assistants in cars will increase.

Recent American research confirms that 62% of drivers use a Voice Assistant. This is a greater number of users than those who interact with a Smart Speaker on a daily basis.

Aware of this trend, Amazon has designed the Amazon Echo Auto device.


Amazon Echo Auto in Vidiemme

Vidiemme, thanks to Vdm Labs, its headquarters in San Francisco, studies technologies that are not yet present in Italy, becoming an Early Adopter of products and solutions. Through this overseas presence it has thus managed to preorder Amazon Echo Auto. Tested on the streets of the United States, as it is not yet usable in Italy, it is now in the hands of the Internal Research and Development Laboratory team. The aim is to develop projects for this new Amazon device and implement them as soon as Echo Auto is also available in Italy.


What are the characteristics of Amazon Echo Auto?

A real co-pilot that allows those on board to interact vocally, thanks to its 8 microphones.

In fact, it enables fast and safe management of various functions such as reproduction of a music playlist, making calls, sending messages, adding a reminder or getting directions. It can be installed quickly, and through Bluetooth it connects to any Smartphone.


What are the advantages of an in-car Voice Assistant?

Voice Assistants in the automotive sector are an increasingly important aid for drivers. The exclusively vocal interaction, lacking a video to support the Smart Speaker, is a fundamental element to ensure that the user does not get distracted while driving, but can have access to a whole range of functionalities that would usually be accessed by using a smartphone with all the problems regarding road safety that this entails.

But Amazon Echo Auto is also an on-board entertainment tool that can be used by all passengers.

The new Smart Speaker from Amazon is part of the automotive market, which has been at work for some time trying to integrate a voice solution on board vehicles. Numerous car manufacturers, such as Mercedes and Skoda, have already released some models to market with a Voice Assistant.

While some companies are moving towards the integration of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa on board, others are working to develop their own Voice Assistants.

Being once again among the first in Italy to have access to a Smart Speaker will enable Vidiemme to be ready as soon as this automotive revolution also arrives in our country, developing Skills both to support those driving and for onboard entertainment.