For the last 39 years, October has been Mentadent’s dental prevention month. For this occasion, Vidiemme has created two Actions on Google, Voice solutions available on all Smartphones that have Google Assistant, and on Google Smart Speakers.


Mentadent and Google Assistant at home: “Ok Google, ask Mentadent for the dentist nearest to me”

The solution is dedicated to the whole family, with features for both young and old.

In fact, it is possible to ask the Assistant for different sorts of information, such as:

  • Find the nearest dentist“: through the Action you can quickly find the nearest ANDI dentist adhering to prevention month, and immediately make contact to book an appointment;
  • How do I get whiter teeth?“: The Virtual Assistant provides answers to doubts about proper oral hygiene and gives advice on how to take care of your smile.
  • Let’s brush our teeth together “: a feature designed specifically for little people, to make tooth-brushing time more fun, thanks to a two-minute song that guides them in correct cleaning habits and engages them in the adventures of Dentina and Dentona.


Mentadent and Google Assistant in-store: “Ok Google, ask Mentadent to recommend the most suitable toothpaste for me”

The Voice experience is not limited to the consumer’s home environment. For Mentadent’s prevention month, Vidiemme has also created Italy’s first in-store Action. A new channel that allows consumers to have greater knowledge of the products offered by the Brand.

Thanks to a Mentadent Hostess, the consumer will be able to interact with the Virtual Assistant via Google Home directly in the store and, in addition to obtaining information on the nearest ANDI dentist adhering to the initiative, to have advice on the toothbrush and toothpaste that best suits his or her needs.


The Mentadent Actions on Google are another two other solutions added to Vidiemme’s Voice strategy, which dealt not only with the technological development and implementation phase of the project, but also with the entire previous phase related to the study of the dialogue, thanks to the know-how acquired by the dedicated team.