2019 is a truly important year for Vidiemme, which celebrated its first 15 years of activity in April. A significant date, accompanied by a constant and continuous growth, both in terms of turnover and of people, which has led company management to review its vision and its offer, in order to position itself even more as an Innovation Partner for Brands and Clients.

Continuous innovation

Silvia Peviani, Pharma & Healthcare Business Director and Co-founder of Vidiemme, explains the need for this change: “Since we started in 2004, we have been telling our Clients and Companies that innovation, for us, has a much wider meaning than the simple implementation of a digital solution. Precisely for this reason, at board level, we found ourselves in shared agreement regarding the need and the importance of innovating ourselves, not only on a technological level but also as regards our image“.

Vidiemme’s goal is in fact to bring innovation to Companies, helping them first of all to understand the potential of the various technologies, so as to identify the best solution for their specific business objectives. An innovation that is not only digital or technological but also regards processes, based on a continuous relationship with the Clients.

The new claim

The first step in the rebranding strategy was the definition of a new claim, able to best convey the idea of ​​innovation as a fundamental element in the relationship between Vidiemme and its Clients.

Innovate, with us” is the new claim that best encompasses the direction the company is taking, as Luca Valsecchi, CEO and founder of Vidiemme, explains: “For 15 years we have been bringing innovation to our Clients and, thanks to our headquarters in San Francisco, we are able both to propose projects not yet present on the Italian market, and to experiment with some companies the potential of future technologies applied to specific areas and businesses. This passion is also a characteristic of our employees. Our goal is to become the innovation partner both for companies that want to adopt new solutions and for those who want to work with the latest technologies“.

A new logo and website

This new positioning of Vidiemme led to the launch of a new website and the restyling of its logo. The renewal of these identity elements conveys even better the idea of ​​innovation, and the importance of relying on the right partner, Vidiemme.

“We wanted a fresher and more modern logo that better reflects Vidiemme, a young and dynamic company, and its values. The rebranding activity saw the involvement of all our employees, further strengthening the sense of belonging,” says Alan Cassini, Vidiemme’s Sales & Marketing Director. Speaking about the website, he adds, “The online offer has also been reinforced with case studies and in-depth explanations, elements which are necessary to communicate how Vidiemme is the right innovation partner for Companies”.

Giulio Caperdoni, Vidiemme’s Head of Innovation, tells how “In terms of communication it was necessary to find a new way to explain our innovative offer, giving greater emphasis to the elements of Artificial Intelligence, Voice and Virtual Assistants. These technologies were already important within Vidiemme just two years ago, when we put the new site online, but at that time still little known and little sought after by Companies”.