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Augmented and Virtual Reality for your Business

We develop Virtual and Augmented Reality applications to support your business processes and give your company a boost.

Everything started in 2013, when we became Google Glass Early Developers. Since then many other projects have been implemented on different visors and headsets, exploring the different kinds of alternative realities: augmented, mixed and virtual.

Samsung Gear, Moverio, ODG, Meta, HoloLens, Tango – each one has its own characteristics and we can guide you in the choice of the best technology for your needs. Companies have seen all the potential of this new technology and its continuous development: many important experimental projects have been conducted in different markets empowering unreal realities as more than a simple trend.


Augmented Reality Applications for Cultural Institutions

Museum applications that deliver additional multimedia and interactive content to visitors in pre-defined or customized itineraries. Thanks to indoor navigation systems, it is possible to locate visitors, understand their route and interests, and offer multimedia geo-related targeted content. In many Augmented Reality projects, we have focused on use of this technology for social inclusion. In fact, smart glasses can allow deaf people to have a complete museum experience, benefiting from detailed descriptions interpreted in sign language. Videos are displayed directly on the smart glass display when in proximity of the relevant exhibited item, thanks to the geo-location system based on Beacon technology.

Augmented Reality for Tourist Guides

Smartphone, tablet and smart glass solutions to give tourists a totally innovative city tour experience: built-in navigation, free or pre-defined paths, additional and multimedia content customized for each user, all combined in a playful and interactive approach. Augmented Reality will change the way people travel: it will be like having a mother-tongue tour guide always with you, showing you monuments, attractions, points of interest and the most fascinating places in the city you want to visit. You will no longer have to look in a book for images of the place you are visiting, but you will be guided to every point you choose in the most intuitive way possible.

Museum Virtual Tours

Many are the potentialities of Virtual Reality for the enjoyment of artistic and museal heritage. Thanks to the use of technology, it is possible to experience direct contact with art, leading users to interact with both the exhibition and the museum environment in an immersive and realistic context. Our Museum Virtual Tours are based on gaming interactions, aiming at making art not only accessible to everyone and accessible at a distance, but also a game that allows interaction with the art works. The edutainment approach engages a younger target audience, making the solution enjoyable and dynamic.

Remote Collaboration in Augmented Reality

An augmented reality solution that allows virtual interaction with a colleague’s work environment, and the ability to give precise instructions on how and where to operate. By placing the mobile device above the object on which you want to work, a colleague will see what has been recorded and, acting on the virtual scene, will be able to transmit the image remotely, allowing for effective and timely collaboration. From operating rooms to emergency situations, from maintenance to post-sales assistance, from training to meetings, this is an avantgarde solution that radically changes distance collaboration.

Augmented Learning

Augmented Reality improves students’ engagement and learning efficiency, becoming an ever-more popular tool in distance learning solutions. Creating learning environments where digital educational content is combined with objects or tools that are part of the physical space allows students to be more engaged with the scenario. Giving the user the perception of being physically present allows him to reach a greater level of understanding, as relevant information is displayed already associated with the surrounding component.


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