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Interconnected and multi-channel technologies

Internet of Things (IoT) is a set of technologies that allow you to connect any kind of device to the Internet, giving them intelligence and the ability to interact.

This kind of solution has one specific goal: monitoring, checking and transferring information. In 2020, IoT solutions costs are predicted to be around $ 1,300 billion. Wearable devices are smarter, interconnected and have better and human-friendly interfaces. Thanks to them, business processes become much easier. From utilities to the healthcare industry, to public administration, there are many businesses and sectors interested in IoT technological innovation.


Apps for Smartwatch

Smartwatches have almost the same smartphone functionalities, with one important feature: they can be worn on the wrist. At the beginning the first devices had few basic functions, nowadays the brand-new models are totally considered small wearable computers. The smartwatch main advantages are the possibility to receive notifications that can be immediately read, and to collect data related to user’s health and well-being. We develop apps for smartwatch, designed to take advantage of the unique features of the device, such as the small screen and fast interaction.

IoT Systems for Smart Cities

IoT technologies enable smart cities to develop, a vast concept that includes mobility, energy efficiency, eGovernment and active citizen participation, to improve quality of life. Internet of Things can also help optimizing use of resources and urban area services, such as traffic management, security and land control projects, environmental monitoring and services for citizens and tourists. Vidiemme develops platforms based on IoT technologies to offer better information access to services, events and spaces available in the cities of the future.

Wearable devices for Healthcare

Many IoT solutions are dedicated to the pharma and healthcare industry, thanks to wearable devices usage. This kind of device can detect, store and transmit vital parameters and patient movement data. The huge amount of collected information is the starting point to build predictive models able to activate an alert in case of imminent risks to patient’s health. In Vidiemme we create solutions that can support patients with therapy adherence and are able to alert caregivers and doctors automatically in case of anomalies that can be potentially dangerous, by analyzing data and using predictive algorithms.

Indoor Navigation Solutions

There are many ways to implement indoor navigation solutions, starting from beacons (small Bluetooth transmitters), to systems that can detect and track our wi-fi devices in an environment, keeping the anonymity of the collected data. One of the latest technologies for indoor navigation is Tango, which consists of a set of sensors combined with computer vision software, that can provide an enhanced reality experience on smartphones and map the environment in 3D. Our R&D lab has studied all these technologies and now Vidiemme offers solutions for indoor navigation applications and for obtaining real-time information about entry, length of stay and movement of people inside a defined space.


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