To talk about a business, we must always talk about the people who live it.

If you’re reading this article, you most likely already know something about us: we are an Italian technology company, operating since 2004, characterized by our particular consultancy approach. More than seventy employees in our Milan office, in addition to a small group operating in our American subsidiary, VDM Labs in San Francisco.

Vidiemme works a bit like a Rubik’s cube: each person in the team is a colored piece, constantly seeking a harmonious overall solution.

As in the Rubik’s cube, every movement presents an ever-new situation: exploring new scenarios, we develop new skills with each action that progressively leads to the solution.

This is how we built our route: this is how we got where we are. Investing on our enthusiasm.

Unexpected scenarios that then become a specialty are part of our story. In one of these scenarios in particular, something important is happening. We are proud of many things, but we can honestly say that nothing has ever been as extraordinary as the relationship we have forged with the companies of the Pharmaceutical and Health world.

Our journey in the sector began several years ago, first with the development of internet and intranet projects, then employee support applications and finally communication activities solutions. But it was with the spread of ‘mobile’ technologies – and therefore the so-called ‘m-Health’ – that we were able to comprehend the infinite implications of our role in the world of ‘Healthcare Technology’. And this was a real revelation for us, which soon turned into total dedication.

Allow us to add that our passion for that world and for its protagonists was immediately reciprocated with respect and gratitude. Today we feel truly privileged in our daily interaction with all our customers:

“The relationship between Vidiemme and Zambon has been thriving for some years now. The prerequisite for this happy collaboration is a happy mix of skills and attitudes that we found in Vidiemme: technological competence, concreteness, ability to grasp the needs of the customer, speed of execution. And more … the quality of the people and of the team, which explains many of the strengths highlighted”.

Marco Lelli – Marketing Manager Zambon Italia

We believe that our way of doing things is so convincing for companies in this sector because our people don’t just deliver solutions for immediate requirements, but apply themselves to support every new and different need that our interlocutor is facing. In short: faced with questions, we always try to give answers that are valid here, now, and for the future.

We do it because when we use the term Healthcare, we mean that people’s lives are at stake. And life is here, now, and for the future.

So, the first of us to lose their head for the Healthcare sector was Silvia Peviani. Engineer Silvia Peviani.

After years of experience in the technology field applied to the most diverse markets, she found her ‘dream job’ in the Healthcare sector, bringing all her extraordinary skills and applying all the advantages of her characteristic determination, which has always attracted the best talents to projects coordinated by her, and convinced all clients, even the most demanding ones.

There could have been no other captain when we decided that our mission in Healthcare was so important that we wanted to give it a name and assign it a dedicated team. Silvia managed, and still manages the historic Pharma team, which is made up of people who have always worked with her, alongside newer members who have been added to form a decidedly unconventional task force:

Francesca Carlini, multitasker in the true sense of the word: IT skills, experience design skills, project management skills. Precise, decisive. Problem Solver, in line with the most demanding requirements of the Captain – um, of the Director.

Chiara Proietti, to all intents and purposes the team scientist. With her experience in biotechnology she deciphers the research and documentation aspects of this mission’s assignments. Secure, constant. Reliable: present at the resolution of any unexpected event.

Rita Sherkat, in the unconventional role of pivot: a very young multi-lingual geneticist devoted to digital content management. Curious, intellectual. Unstoppable executive arm of team communication.

Vidiemme’s best technical, operational and system resources are part of the activities coordinated by Silvia Peviani and her collaborators. The extraordinary executive capacities of the dozens of IT developers and engineers assigned to the various tasks are continuously manifested in the Healthcare & Pharma Business Unit projects.

We wanted to give a name to all this.

We said: to talk about a business, we must always talk about the people who live it, their names and their motivations. Finding a name that communicates a team has the exact same needs.

We reflected on this concept and found that finding a collective name is really challenging, but finding a nickname is much simpler. It is simpler because a nickname is spontaneous, born by convenience, often by irony, but not by self-referentiality.

And from this step it was clear: we found a nickname for our slightly naïve enthusiasm, a nickname for our very precious intention, a nickname for our daily obsession to work in something we believe in.

This nickname is: TechieHealth; and it is the evolution of many different declinations and intertwinings of accents and word games developed in the corridors of our company, Vidiemme. At the coffee machine they call us a bit geeky, a bit scientist, a bit obsessive. So much in love with our mission.


From today, look for us and you will find us with this nickname in various public occasions, in private meetings, during conferences and joint work projects.

It will be a pleasure for us.

See you soon,

The TechieHealth team

PS   … and if you want to find out a bit more about our approach, you can watch this video: