Tomorrow, Wednesday 7 June, Vidiemme will be present, as is our tradition, at the State University of Milan Career Day, to meet new talents and their skills.

This is not a new appointment for the Milanese software company, which has been drawing on this source for some time to bring home young, dynamic and motivated resources, increasing its internal staff in a valid, successful way.

Vidiemme’s mission is innovation, so the company decided to impress prospective candidates not just by talking about the latest trends observed in the Silicon Valley subsidiary, or the latest demos developed at the internal research and development laboratory, but by letting the young talents experience the innovation that is the air the company breathes every day.

This year, for the first time, Vidiemme decided to entrust part of the recruitment process to a Chatbot equipped with Artificial Intelligence, which will automate one of the first stages of acquaintance with candidates.

Instead of submitting candidates the classic digital form to fill, it was decided to let them interact with a bot endowed with personality which, in a friendly and discreet way, asks them various questions about their studies and their work goals, but also their passions in the technology field and their desires, dreams and projects in what could effectively become their first work experience.



The data collected by the Chatbot Recruiter is then stored in a database which organizes all the archived information for easy consultation, making the work of the company’s HR department much faster and smoother.

The result is therefore twofold. On the one hand, candidates are presented with an initial playful and interactive approach to a company that sells innovation and has made it its main pillar. On the other hand, it facilitates and simplifies the work of the HR department, which can benefit from updated and easy-to-read information and statistics.

For the first time in Italy, a Chatbot is used to select and hire the staff that will then develop Chatbot technology within the company.

We hear more and more talk about bots and conversational interfaces, and it is well known that the areas of application are not yet clearly delineated and defined. This aspect, which proved to be challenging for the company, allowed it to seize the Career Day occasion as an opportunity to develop a Chatbot applied to a new sector, that of recruitment.

A very first step, taken for a specific event, but which has brought to light a valid and effective tool within the corporate recruiting process.

It will soon be available on the company website, giving all those who want to work at Vidiemme the opportunity to apply in an interactive, fun and dynamic way, interfacing with one of the technologies that will play a major role in the reorganization of business processes and systems.

The peculiarity lies in having a Chatbot Recruiter itself carry out the first steps in the selection process for staff with technical profiles who could soon find themselves developing a bot.

A way for Vidiemme to stand out from other companies in the market, to effectively showcase its skills in the field and to communicate innovation in a concrete and direct way.

If you are curious to try the Vidiemme Chatbot Recruiter, it will be waiting for you on Wednesday, June 7 at 10:00 am at the University of Milan in Via Golgi 19!