//Vidiemme and Tooso bring Artificial Intelligence into your company!

Vidiemme and Tooso bring Artificial Intelligence into your company!

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Vidiemme is proud to announce its Partnership with Tooso, a San Francisco-based start-up founded by three young Italians and selected for a round of financing by the prestigious Alchemist Accelerator.

The collaboration arises from the common vision shared by Vidiemme e Tooso with respect to the conversational nature of technology. Both realities strongly believe in a future in which everyone will be able to interact with software in a simple way, by naturally using their mother tongue.

The birth of a new paradigm

The paradigm by which man, since the birth of the first computers, has had to learn the machine’s language in order to receive timely and pertinent answers, is now reversed. Today we are able to develop software that understands the language people use in everyday life.

This vision has opened up truly interesting scenarios in its business application. In fact, starting from this, the Tooso start-up has developed Artificial Intelligence systems; on one hand, for web search optimization in the search engines of e-commerce sites, and on the other to facilitate reading and interpretation of dashboard analytics.

How? Basing its technology on an innovative natural language processing system that understands users’ search intentions.

How the software works

The software exploits the syntactic-semantic structure of the language and therefore ‘understands’ what the user wants to find by analyzing the query in real time. Once the keyword function has been interpreted, it allows the result to be optimized based on ingestion of different sources of behavioral data.

The system is also able to learn: the more requests it handles, the more it will be able to predict with greater accuracy and precision what we are looking for.

One of Tooso’s applications is to enhance and optimize the customer’s e-commerce journey. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence technology, the Tooso-designed system allows an e-commerce site manager to have a solution that automatically optimizes conversions and at the same time provides refined  reporting on the behavior of end users.

“Machine learning” explains Ciro Greco, co-founder of Tooso together with Mattia Pavoni and Jacopo Tagliabue, “enables both user experience personalization and better data collection for the company.”

The system reindexes the product catalog and manages data in Cloud, ensuring that the increase in the number of users adopting this technology corresponds to a refinement in search mechanisms and the ability to understand natural language.

Dashboards become intelligent and conversational

The same intelligent and conversational technology model was then applied to dashboard analytics. The data collected are not always self-explanatory and the correlation of data from different sources is not always easy to implement and read. But technology comes to the rescue yet again.

The Analytics Search developed by Tooso allows real-time dialogue with all company databases. This reduces waiting times for generation of complex reports, automating users’ analytics request processes and enabling correlation of data from different sources.

Thanks to Natural Language Processing technology, the user can immediately access reporting on all types of data, query their own data relating to sales, purchases, revenues, clients’ KPIs, warehouse data, and performance measures of every kind through different distribution and acquisition channels, etc. All of this, using the tool that every person in the company already possesses: their own natural language.

Vidiemme places itself within the collaboration as the technological consultant, able to adapt and integrate the Tooso plug-in to the various company systems in place.

“We believe that many of our customers can benefit from the solution developed by Tooso,” comments Alan Cassini, Sales and Marketing Director of Vidiemme. He continues, “we are convinced that there’s a wide panorama to be overseen. This is why we decided to consolidate the partnership by participating in a round of investment in Tooso: we are confident that this collaboration is just the beginning and that this relationship will bring real added value to those realities that, like us, believe in a future where technology is a real support for business.”