Vidiemme is proud to announce its Partnership with THRON, the platform that enables intelligent management of Digital Assets, and is selected by Forrester, within the Vendor Landscape 2017, as one of the most important in the world.

The collaboration started at the end of last year and has seen Vidiemme integrate and develop the platform in multiple projects, starting an introduction process of innovative and winning solutions into the market to support Brands in the digitalization of Customer Management processes.

According to Forrester, Digital Asset Management (DAM) software designed to allow companies to organize-catalog-archive all their content, must now necessarily evolve towards deep data analysis capabilities.

For this reason, THRON was placed by Forrester analysts among the 20 best global solutions – and it was the only Italian one – thanks to its strong propensity for data analysis and processing of the same using Artificial Intelligence technologies.

“It is in this key that the Partnership with Vidiemme was born” – comments Nicola Meneghello, CEO of THRON – “It’s not enough to dwell on the management of the content creation process but above all it is necessary to measure the impacts that the content itself has in the subsequent phases, when is distributed worldwide on Internet channels. Thanks to this approach, content production continues to improve its quality and effectiveness, users are increasingly satisfied with the consumer experience and companies collect strategic data to become increasingly ‘client-centric’. But to take advantage of the opportunities offered by technology, we need expertise and last mile services to support companies in this evolutionary path, which is why I am particularly honored today to welcome Vidiemme with its history, values and experiences within our eco-system of Partnerships. ”


From the left, Nicola Meneghello, CEO Thron and Luca Valsecchi, CEO Vidiemme Consulting

The affinity between the two companies makes it possible to offer the market a complete range of services to increase the efficiency and internal productivity of Marketing departments and make sales action even more effective, enriching and enhancing existing digital platforms with data collected by Content Intelligence.

Thanks to this, companies will be able to improve conversion rates, adapt the content offer in real time based on the real interests of each person, enhance their marketing automation with relevant information so as to send CTA relevant to each user, enrich the CRM with the interests of each client derived from the analysis of content visited, check the consistency and presence of the Brand on multiple Internet channels.

“Tools like THRON represent a decisive leap forward enabling construction of the Customer Digital Platform inside companies” – explains Luca Valsecchi, CEO of Vidiemme – “but at the same time it is necessary to define the strategy implementation stages and its objectives, organize and make internal processes efficient, have agile and complete skills for technological integration and convergence of digital assets. With these assumptions, therefore, our Partnership with THRON was born. Vidiemme acts as System Integrator within this Partnership, with the ability to integrate the intelligent digital assets management solution within the corporate ecosystem, integrating it with existing processes and tracing the collected data making it available, legible and a primary source for correct implementation of company strategy”.

Vidiemme Consulting is an Italian technological consultancy, IT product and service development company, founded in 2004, with a business focused on digital projects for web, mobile, wearable devices, virtual reality, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. With a team of more than 70 specialized developers and a leaning towards innovation, regarding both study and experimentation on new devices and the optimization and innovation of entire business processes, Vidiemme opened its San Francisco subsidiary in 2015 and an internal R & D laboratory in 2016.

Vidiemme acts in the collaboration as the technological consultant able to adapt and integrate the platform offered by THRON into different existing company systems.

THRON is a company with over ten years of experience in the software as a service sector, with offices in Padua, Milan, London and Shanghai, and with its platform helps Marketing and Sales teams get the best from digital initiatives to maximize content effectiveness, increase lead generation and make the relationship between the Brand and its users more and more effective.

“We believe there are still many projects to be developed” – comments Luca Valsecchi – “and the panorama to be overseen is still wide; we are therefore certain that this collaboration is just beginning, and that this new-born relationship will bring real added value to our clients”.