For our TechieHealth Business Unit, bringing innovation to the Pharma & Healthcare sector also means sustaining patient-support projects and collaborating with pharmaceutical companies to offer an increasingly patient-centric service.

Roche has been committed to the development of innovative health solutions for over a century and does so not only by investing in research but also by collaborating with institutions and implementing initiatives to support patients.

This year, Roche celebrates exactly 120 years of operation in Italy, and it does so following the values ​​that have always characterized the company all over the world: courage, passion and integrity.

It was precisely these values, ​​on this important anniversary, that prompted the creation of the Roche Foundation, further proof of the company’s commitment to supporting people’s health. Vidiemme created the Foundation’s website.

There are four different areas of intervention for the Roche Foundation: research, the personinstitutions and the community. The goal is to focus on the patient-person, remembering how important it is at the time of illness not to underestimate his or her needs, the need to be heard and helped and the importance of dialogue with authoritative entities.

To achieve this goal, Roche Foundation is committed to contributing to independent and serious scientific research, undertaking a continuous dialogue with institutions and supporting both patient associations and non-profit organizations. In this way it will be possible for the patient-person not only to have support during illness, but also to be able to interact with credible and authoritative sources, which, guided by scientific skills, can help them in their care path.

For these reasons we at Vidiemme are happy to collaborate with Roche and to have had the opportunity to create its Foundation website.

It is not the first time that Vidiemme shows its commitment to patient-dedicated initiatives. The second edition of A Fianco Del Coraggio is currently underway, a literary competition to support people with multiple sclerosis; as partner company, we built the website.