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Vidiemme, San Raffaele and Takeda present MyHospitalHub

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Vidiemme is happy to have been able to contribute as a technical partner in the creation of MyHospitalHub, a digital solution that innovates the relationship between the hospital center and the chronic patient.

The project, supported by Takeda Italia, will initially be applied in the Unit of Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation at the IRCCS San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, and will enable dialogue to continue between hospital and patient even after discharge, thanks to the use of digital technologies.

MyHospitalHub consists of a web platform and an application developed by Vidiemme Consulting and is aimed at all centers that treat patients with chronic or oncological diseases.

Thanks to the interactive platform, each center will be able to autonomously build, quickly and intuitively, a real website for patients, with useful information, news and calendar of appointments. By connecting to this site, characterized by an intuitive and easily navigable interface, with just a few clicks patients will be able to get the complete picture of the management of their illness, from therapy to scheduled visits, and all the details related to their hospital center of reference.

The information is conveyed to patients through the MyHospitalHub application, a free download from Apple and Google stores.

The app offers additional services such as sending timely notifications on the time of administration of drugs and outpatient appointments that have been booked, and on possible changes of therapy, updating the patient in a quick and precise way.

Patients, for their part, can easily collaborate with their doctors, sending information on therapeutic adherence and quality of life, in a continuous and efficient exchange of information.

The project aims to support patients suffering from chronic diseases in their dialogue with clinicians, making it simpler, safe and effective, and making the patient feel accompanied on a path as sensitive as that which accompanies chronic or oncological therapies. At the same time, the project offers doctors an additional tool to facilitate their important work.