Vidiemme’s Recruiting campaign via Chatbot has just concluded. It was aimed at recruiting a resource for insertion in the Digital Marketing department and the results were truly surprising!

More than 300 CVs were collected in 5 days. But the aspect to highlight is not so much the numbers, as the way in which Vidiemme set up the HR campaign.

Candidates were able to carry out the very first stage of the initial interview with our Chatbot, chatting for five minutes while on the move or in the comfort of their own home.

The Chatbot developed by Vidiemme aims to generate natural and fluent interaction with the candidate.

The project is the result of accurate studies and careful development of the relational language, in what is defined as the conversational interface trend, which technology analysts and digital marketing experts consider to be the new big wave that will revolutionize business in coming years.


So, it is using a Chatbot that Vidiemme thought it could best reach its target; young and dynamic people, who prefer to message with a Brand that is available 24/7 wherever you are.

An approach that can open up interesting opportunities for all those companies that want to be protagonists in the market and loved by their public.

Alan Cassini, Head of Sales & Marketing at Vidiemme, focuses on the use of Chatbots in business in a rapidly evolving scenario:

“Within five years, any technology you cannot converse with will be considered obsolete. Messaging platforms are the most used applications: data in our possession also demonstrates how users prefer to get in touch with a Brand through Chatbot in many situations, especially when it comes to getting help and support, while companies are able to make their internal processes more efficient.”

“Our Careerbot automates Recruiting via Chatbot, allowing systematic collection and storage of information on curricula and aptitudes of the candidates. By optimizing the activities of the various company functions involved, we obtain an optimal result, both in terms of operational efficiency and communication.”

“The Career Chatbot was created to meet the specific requirements of our company in the need to hire new talent – continues Alan Cassini – But it is easy to see how this technology can be applied to various other uses. The real added value of this technology is its being literally moulded around the requirements of the Brand.”

A functional bot must indeed be designed at a desk after a careful phase of dialogue with the customer, which serves to understand the needs and objectives to be targeted and is the basis for building the interface and the UX most suitable and closest to the identified requirement.

“It’s a captivating challenge, which allows us to create ever-new and personalized solutions.”

This was only the starting point for Vidiemme, but the advantages obtained were really surprising, to the extent that, from having been a sort of experiment, Recruiting via Chatbot is preparing to become an integral part of our selection process.

This is why we are sure that Chatbot study and design will keep moving forward, always more convinced that the true future technology is ready to talk with us.