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Digital Transformation for Pharma & Healthcare

The relationship between caregivers and patients is changing: thanks to digital solutions for patient support and for therapy adherence, it is moving from being an occasional visit to a constant connection.

Also, the relation between Sales Reps and doctors is improving thanks to innovative tools for visit preparation and tracking, e-detailing activities and CLMs.

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The first step in developing a successful chatbot is a detailed analysis of your business processes and of your goals. Here is where our approach starts. And it continues with other crucial decisions, such as channel selection and choice of the chatbot personality which best suits your target. Recruitment and Customer Care are just some of the areas of use of this technology in the Pharmaceutical Industry. On the other hand, a Virtual Caregiver Chatbot is a valid in the Healthcare industry: it can send reminders to the patient, give educational tutorials, provide answers to questions and doubts, and be able to alert the actual caregiver if needed.

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Patient Support Program

Increasing therapy adherence is one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare sector. Thanks to applications which support patients and web portals dedicated to physicians, it is possible to build solutions allowing simpler and more effective management of post-hospitalization periods or of the time between visits. Our solutions create a continuous relationship between the doctor and the patient while collecting useful data to create predictive algorithms to support scientific research on the pathology.

Pharmacy Retailization

The retailization process is a must for pharmaceutical companies and it is fundamental that they monitor and assist the correct implementation of their own guidelines. Our solution is designed to monitor pharmacies through real time collaboration and exchange of information between headquarters and field. The mobile application allows each agent to gather information on the field through survey compilation. At the same time, headquarters sees the collected data in aggregate form.

Coaching & Training

Supporting and training field specialists is essential to increase sales effectiveness and to share goals and priorities improving the quality of sales and internal communication. To have a field force that can convey the values of the pharmaceutical company and get the desired results, it is necessary to use tools that can simulate the possible scenarios that may occur during a visit between the clinician and the specialist, allowing the execution of a series of self-evaluation tests on performance.

Fieldforce Solution

Leading a digital transformation process in the Pharma industry brings significant benefits to pharmaceutical companies, improving both cost and process efficiency and internal communication effectiveness.  Online medical records, the possibility to prepare the visit to clinicians, instant reports with accurate information, statistics, order status and promotional material in electronic format are just some of our Fieldforce mobile tools and applications.


We create tools designed to simplify and enhance the consultation of scientific information material during visits to physicians. Integrated into the CLM reference platform, these easy-to-use but highly effective tools support field specialists in describing and examining all the information about a product and/or pathology. Graphics are tailor-made to customer needs, totally customizable, and can be upgraded at any time.


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