Innovation has always been an integral part of Vidiemme, part of its DNA.

When it comes to digital innovation, one cannot help thinking of Silicon Valley, where some of the most important tech companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook and Apple are based.

Alan Cassini told the startups participating in the B Heroes project how Vidiemme started travelling between Milan and San Francisco in 2013, with the precise aim of capturing innovation at its inception and studying new technologies, to have a real competitive advantage once these technologies also entered the Italian market. This allowed Vidiemme to be among the first Early Developers of Google Glass, which at the time was the technological trend of the moment and in which numerous companies were investing.

The first trips led to the 2014 creation of Brainy, Vidiemme’s internal Research and Development laboratory, which aims to be the incubator where new technologies are studied. Thanks to Brainy, today the company can offer its customers solutions that integrate the latest technologies: Virtual Assistants, Machine Learning, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Wearable & IoT.

This continuous travelling made the company understand the need to also have a permanent branch in San Francisco, and that’s how the subsidiary VDM Labs was created in 2015 – the perfect observation point for Vidiemme to keep pace with technological trends, with advantages for customers, and at the same time to establish relationships with the companies in Silicon Valley.

Technological Scouting, Networking and Business Development are the main activities which VDM Labs is focused on, and thanks to these, today Vidiemme can present itself as a real Technological Advisor, able to offer its customers the best solutions, allowing them to have a competitive advantage compared to their rivals.

From this drive towards innovation, getAI! was also born – the Business Unit dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and development of Conversational Interfaces.

The importance of knowing how to differentiate from the competition and how to offer customers something unique, are two strengths that Vidiemme transmitted to the startups participating in the B Heroes project.