Vidiemme’s consulting approach is what has distinguished it for years in its relationships with customers.

Whether the client is a large international company or smaller reality like a start-up, Vidiemme’s Mission is to offer solutions that create competitive advantage by using digital innovation as a lever to improve business processes.

Alan Cassini, Vidiemme’s Sales & Marketing Director, explained the Vidiemme method to the start-ups participating in the B Heroes project. The method is used to help companies renew their processes:

  1. Analysis & Consultancy: analysis of the Client’s business to better understand the processes, needs, priorities and objectives;
  2. Technology Selection & Architecture Design: identification of the best technological solutions to create medium and long-term innovation;
  3. User Experience & User Interface: respecting the customer’s Brand Identity, Vidiemme offers attractive solutions that can be easily used by the end user;
  4. Development & Testing: a team of experienced developers deals with the development and testing of each individual project;
  5. Training & Change Management: assistance and training for companies that are not yet ready to face innovation alone, so that the change can be managed in the best way, thus creating value;
  6. Support: support phase guaranteed even after the release of a solution.

Thanks to the Vidiemme method it has been possible for the company to grow over the years, so that it now has over 70 developers and a team of Technical Advisors, able to complete projects of any complexity and level of innovation.

And Vidiemme will always adopt this approach, to help the start-ups of the B Heroes project to establish themselves in the business arena, understanding from the start how they want to use digital tools to develop their offer and therefore developing the best technological architecture to reach the objective.