In 2019, Vidiemme started its rebranding process which led, in September, to the presentation of the new logo and claim. To complete the renewal of its Brand Identity, the next step was the identification of a distinctive element for the company: the Sound Logo. Vidiemme thus chose to use a new channel to communicate its identity.


An accessible Brand Identity

The choice of relying on Audio Branding to give voice to the Vidiemme logo was requested by its founders. The importance of this decision emerges in the words of Silvia Peviani, Pharma & Healthcare Business Director and Co-founder of Vidiemme:

“It was necessary for Vidiemme, as a beacon of technological innovation, to adopt a Sound Logo to close the circle of Brand Identity, which thus becomes universally accessible to all: both visually and in audio”.


It is increasingly important to move in the same direction as technological developments and give a voice to one’s identity. In fact, 2020 aspires to be the year in which Voice channels will reach elevated peaks. The interest in Voice Assistants and Smart Speakers, as solutions that favor voice interaction with the user, is growing. In fact, it is estimated that already more than 60% of devices are AI-equipped, such as cars and domestic electrical appliances, which use Voice as the main communicative touchpoint with their users.


A fresh and innovative Sound Logo

Vidiemme’s request was to have a simple, clean, intimate and reassuring sound. The company therefore decided to collaborate with an Audio Branding expert to bring out the new Vocal Brand Identity.

Fresh, simple and characteristic. That’s how Vidiemme’s sound identity presents itself today. ”  


Lorenzo di Tria, Lead Sound Designer at E-Motion Film, defines the result of months of work together with Vidiemme in this way, and adds “The journey with Vidiemme led to the creation of a sound that encloses all the characteristics of its Brand Identity. Identifying the traits of clarity, research and creativity, we worked on the design of a sound that could best identify the company. Starting from a melody that communicates welcome and safety, distinctive features of the company-customer relationship, we designed fresh and innovative sounds, to best describe the area in which Vidiemme operates, which is future technologies, and to better underline its innovative approach”.         

The Sound Logo completes the rebranding process, strengthening the claim “Innovate, with us”. The project was developed through collaboration between the different Teams who, guided by company values, were able to find ways to best express them through a new identity in visuals, writing and sound.

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