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There’s an Assistant for every Business

Virtual Assistants use voice, text or images to chat with users. These types of software, based on Artificial Intelligence, can interact in real time, are available 24/7, learn and remember the users’ tastes, preferences, interests, age and language. No need to install an app or learn a new interface: just start a conversation at any time to get the desired answer!


Solution Analysis & Design

Conversational solutions require great effort in the assessment phase, crucial for the development of the software. A deep understanding of the business processes in which the Assistant will be used, and of all the possible contexts in which its actions will develop, is fundamental. Needs analysis, process understanding, channel selection, personality definition, language study and interaction design are all essential steps that precede the implementation of the solution.

Chatbot Recruiter

The use of a Chatbot in initial job screenings, instead of presenting candidates with the classic digital forms to compile, makes the company’s approach more personal, thanks to profile questions based on the recruiter’s needs, and a conversational User Experience. The data collected by the Chatbot Recruiter is then stored in a database that organizes all the archived information in a way that facilitates consultation, making the job of the company HR department faster and much easier.

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B2B & Enterprise Assistant

A simple conversational interface that can suggest and book an available meeting room according to parameters established by the user, such as number of guests and time. Thanks to data at its disposition, this Assistant can provide directions to reach a meeting room inside a building. Integrated with the user’s personal account, the Virtual Assistant can interact with their calendar, checking the availability of meeting rooms, and scheduling the date, time, duration, and event name.

Conversational Care

Use of a Conversational Care interface makes it possible to release call center operators from repetitive tasks, guarantee standardized response quality, and promote sales by using real-time data analysis of individuals’ preferences and habits. For the physical operator this means substituting low added-value activities with new, quality activities: business development, sales promotion or high-level customer support.

Virtual Caregiver

The main reasons for which therapies are not adhered to are: the absence of a continuous relationship with the clinician, forgetting when to take medicine or taking it incorrectly, and the patient’s lack of knowledge in the medical field. Our Virtual Caregiver sends reminders to the patient, performs an educational function through tutorials, provides answers to doubts and questions. It works as a real Personal Assistant, able to alert the clinician when unable to find a solution or if the health conditions of the patient require it.


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